Cheers to Pub-lic Service Awards

  • The purpose of Irish 31’s CHEERS TO PUB-LIC SERVICE is to celebrate the IRISH in those that have an undeniable impact on our youth: Influential, Reliable, Impassioned, Selfless, Humble.
  • Irish 31 Pub House & Eatery invites friends, family, fellow teachers, parents, and students to nominate a world-class educator that has made a true difference in their life, or the life of their loved one.
  • EACH PUB will recognize, celebrate, and reward FIVE standout examples of teachers that use their position as a force for good in their classrooms, within their schools, out in their communities, and in the lives of our children.
  • Fall 2019: Nominations for Youth Coaches will be accepted.
Thank you for nominating so many legendary Hillsborough and Pasco County teachers for our Cheers to PUBlic service program!
Please vote on your favorite teacher below by May 15th, and check back on the 17th when we will announce our 20 winners!
(Limited to one vote per day.)

Adam Finch is a great teacher communicator and leader. He always puts his students before himself.

My dear friend is a 5th grade teacher at a title 1 school- Lacoochee Elementary School. Which means that most of children come from very broken homes and are in need. They don’t receive much encouragement to even attend school let alone.... Read More

Mrs. Collins has been a wonderful teacher for my son! She has shown him compassion acceptance and grace at a time when my son truly needed it. 18 months ago my wife who had been homeschooling him experienced a medical catastrophe and after 5 months.... Read More

Ms Rand is my daughter’s 4th grade teacher at Booker T. Washington Elementary School. She is very passionate about teaching her students and goes above and beyond to help them succeed. Ms. Rand is an extraordinary teacher inside and .... Read More

I teach at a Level 3 Achievement School in the Exceptional Student Education department as the 3rd-5th grade teacher. Being a teacher is not an easy job and being an ESE teacher it’s even more so. I deal with students that have issues with.... Read More

Amanda is one of the most attentive kind caring and passionate teachers I have had the honor and pleasure of working with. I taught with her at a previous school where students of mine in the 3rd grade would wish to have her in the 5th. Her lessons.... Read More

Mrs. Minutillo is one of the best teachers I have EVER had. Shes constantly caring about not only our academic success but also our emotional stability. She unlike many other teachers genuinely wants the absolute best for us and is always making.... Read More

Amy Ragg teaches Girls History at Academy Prep Center of Tampa (APT). APT is a rigorous private middle school for students qualifying for need-based scholarships in Tampa, Florida. APT students attend school 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, 11.... Read More

Andrea teaches monthly guidance classes to every class in the school adjusting each to the grade level and needs she has assessed through her use of survey data and her daily observations and interactions with students. These lessons improve.... Read More

Although she may now be a “virtual teacher” Angela has spent 20+ years in the school system with multiple grades motivating students to do better in and out of school. Her positive attitude towards her kids encourages them to excel.... Read More

Angie currently teaches 4th grade at Bay Crest Elementary. Angie has a very soft and kind approach to teaching. She is committed to arming her students with the skills and confidence they need to succeed in life. She encourages her students .... Read More

Angels are real. I know one personally. She walks on clouds in her assigned little section of Heaven, otherwise known to us mere mortals as the special education corridors of Davidsen Middle School. Her students, by no fault of their own, experience.... Read More

Annastasia serves as the Media Specialist at Ben Hill Middle. As a former Science teacher she has incorporated her experience in the classroom along with her love of literature to transform Hill’s Media Center into the most popular .... Read More

Ashley is the definition of selfless and influential! She is the hardest worker, best friend, and most caring mother in our community and deserves a break! She absolutely pours her whole heart and soul into teaching her children everyday. .... Read More

Ashley is a very deserving teacher that definitely has IRISH exuding within her. Ashley teaches 6th grade Intensive Reading and on-grade level Reading during the day and she also tutors and teaches credit recovery an hour before and after .... Read More

Ashley Phelps has been teaching for ten years and has a BS in Elementary Ed, an MA in Reading Ed, and is currently a Doctoral Candidate. Ashley has taught general education for 5 years and gifted for 5 years. I met Ashley at the start of the 2016-2017.... Read More

I relocated to Florida from PA and because my son age 7 with ADHD and Autism IEP was in depth no public school in our area would give him a chance so they put him in a school that was not his fit to be polite. He was bullied on his first day. He then went .... Read More

Baylee Dozark is a first year kindergarten teacher at Tampa Palms Elementary as well as the Women’s Varsity Soccer Coach at King High School.  Baylee has managed to run a successful classroom at Tampa Palms where she teaches 18 children. .... Read More

I want to nominate Mrs. Koch because I just think she is great! This our 1st time experiencing “school life” since our daughter began kindergarten this year. Mrs. Koch is a wonderful teacher. From the spelling lists each week to.... Read More

Belle is our English teacher at PACE Center for Girls and an adjunct instructor at USF. Belle’s enthusiasm for learning and teaching radiates to her students. She is dual-certified for English 6-12 and ESE. Belle is also an ambassador.... Read More

Mr. Leverett is my son’s band teacher. He is a talented dedicated professional that take a great deal of time and effort to help these kids achieve their goals. Under Mr. Leverett’s direction my so made All County for bari saxaphone..... Read More

Beth started teaching right out of HS. Since she has earned her Masters and for many years has teached children with disabilities and struggles. She doesn’t see the flaws just the possibilities they each hold. Beth doesn’t consider.... Read More

Bobby Pizzio is a great teacher! He teaches in a way that is easy for the students to understand. He is funny yet sensitive and relates to the students on a personal level. I absolutely love Mr. Pizzio!

Bonnie has a passion for teaching that goes above and beyond her call for the classroom. She takes a personal interest in the success of every child. She uses any special event as a reason to energize the children in her class. St. Patrick’s.... Read More

Mrs. Quintero has been a teacher for many years and has dedicated herself to meeting the needs of all of her students. She has specialized in teaching students with the most needs and who need to overcome the most obstacles. She has done this with.... Read More

They were my 6th grade reading teacher

Mr. Daniels is so instrumental in helping not only the second graders but all of the students here. He is only one of 3 male teachers in the school and uses this as a way of mentoring many of the male students. He has a pet turtle and snake which we can.... Read More

Miss Wheeler is an amazing 1st grade teacher at Veterans Elementary School. She interned at Veterans Elementary School while she attended USF and was offered a teaching position upon Graduation. She was hired as a kindergarten teacher taught.... Read More

Two of my daughters had Mrs. Hart when she taught kindergarten. As a kindergarten teacher she does a great job of making the kids feel welcome to a new school and learning their new routine. We were always welcome as parents in her classroom and.... Read More

Mr Young has taught our son Math in 7th and 8th grade at Roland Park. He is also his homeroom teacher too. He always goes above and beyond with the students. He is a pleasure to be around a true inspiration. There is no doubt that he has been the difference.... Read More

IRISH! Influential: Bryant Martinez has influenced so many individuals from his teaching days at Tampa Bay Technical where he inspired Artistic Welders to now being an Artist and a Teacher influencing the youth in the arts at school sites .... Read More

Caitlyn dreamed of being a first grade teacher since she was in the first grade. She was raised in Indiana and graduated from Purdue University. When Caitlyn graduated Purdue she was recruited to Florida to teach at a low income school but has.... Read More

She is one of the most dedicated person to her job that I know she stays late brings work home and is concerned about all of her students. She teaches french to 9th thru 12th grade and has to do different preps for level 123 and honors so she is really.... Read More

As an ESE Spcialist Caroline Fernandez is very supportive of her students and her co-workers. She will put the needs and concerns of others before that of her own. She always looks for the good in all people and has a kindness not often found in .... Read More

Ms. Medina has been a special education teacher at Plant for over 15 years and has left a unforgettable impression on the hundreds of students she has taught despite the fact that they all have special needs. Ms. Medina’s compassion and.... Read More

Cassandra wears many hats at Seffner Elementary. She is a leader to the special education team supporting new and experienced teachers students and families. She has been doing an exceptional job at Seffner for decades and is retiring at the.... Read More

I cannot think of anyone else more deserving of this award than my mother and special education teacher Catherine Davis. For the last 20+ years she has impacted hundreds (if not thousands) of students in Tampa Bay. As the oldest of four children.... Read More

Catherine selflessly gives of herself and her precious personal time to give back to her community. She is a mother of two teenagers and a wife of a retired Army Sergeant. She is a full time teacher working with students with Varying Exceptionalities..... Read More

Cathy is the epitome of an amazing teacher. She is caring, considerate, loving, and an amazing role model for her students and fellow staff. She comes up with many different ways for learning to be fun for the kids. She loves parent involvement.... Read More

Chelsea teaches language arts, math, social studies and science to students with neurodiversities. She goes above and beyond for her students. She is greatly loved by both her students and supporting staff. Her love for her students is reflected.... Read More

She is a fantastic teacher. She puts the needs of her students first and the difference I’ve seen in my child since he has been working with her is impressive. I’m watching him transform. Her communication with parents is outstanding..... Read More

Ms. Miltenberger is really an incredible teacher. I love how she challenges the students and promotes positive thinking. My son Ryder has learned so much in her class this year. From the very beginning of school she noticed that he is a goof-ball.... Read More

After suffering a near-death traumatic brain injury as a freshman in college, Mr. Wikfors has defied all odds to become a dedicated honors mathematics teacher who shares his love and knowledge of math with young minds. Mr. Wikfors juggles .... Read More

Christina teaches 10th and 11th grade US History at Brandon High School. She is greatly loved by her students and staff. She goes above and beyond for her students and offers more than just knowledge to them. She always keeps things fun, yet also.... Read More

My wife has been with Hillsborough County Schools for 27 years. She has worked most of her career working with underprivileged below the poverty level students and families. She puts in more than her 8 hour day often and works over the weekend.... Read More

Chris is a wonderful special education teach. From the time I met him he wanted to help our youth succeed. He has a passion for those who are under-privileged and that transcends into his daily work. Chris started out at Shaw Elementary where .... Read More

Christopher Short is a math teacher and a coach at Freedom High School. He is an assistant coach for the boys’ football team(6 years) and is the head coach of the girls’ flag football team(5 years). Coach Short has taught all grades.... Read More

Cindy has the pleasure of teaching math to students in grades 6-12, in addition to her dual certification in ESE. Cindy balances the demands of teaching various grade levels of all math curriculum and a challenging subject for most students..... Read More

I have had the pleasure to work with Cindy as her paraprofessional for 13 years. We work with 3rd-5th graders in an intellectually disabled classroom. Many of our students start school in our class feeling they are different not smart and not.... Read More

My sister’s students are not your average kids; they are the ones society has discarded like yesterday’s garbage. Yet she goes into work everyday with a single mission on her mind; educating these kids to become productive adults. She .... Read More

I am very proud to nominate my daughter, Corinne, for consideration for the Cheers to Pub-lic Service Award. Corinne is very committed to her career as a teacher and pours her heart and soul into her job. She goes above and beyond with her work .... Read More

My sister Courtney Doogan made a career change to become a teacher 3 years ago. Her passion is Art Education and she desires to help students recognize that art is fun and allows for self-expression in new and different ways. Her teaching journey.... Read More

Courtney is one of the most caring people I know. She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves her students as if they were her own. There is nothing that she will not do for them. Courtney puts in the extra time love and even her own money to help her .... Read More

She is an amazing teacher!! My son has autism and she has worked so hard to help him to improve and overcome his challenges. He absolutely loves her and that make us feel that he is safe ( which is priceless when you have a son with special needss)..... Read More

Ms. Dana Gibson is Kingswood Elementary’s guidance counselor. She has had a positive impact on all of our children in some way over the time she has been here. Whether it is through her guidance lessons she teaches for the various classrooms.... Read More

It is with great pleasure to nominate Mrs. Danielle Acosta for consideration for the Irish 31 Standout Teacher recognition. Mrs. Acosta taught my daughter during 2012-2014 and still has a role in her life. The saying “it takes a village”.... Read More

Mr. Vance is a great teacher. He has many traits that make him a great teacher. He is funny and cool and is always helpful. The best part about Mr. Vance is how much he cares about his students. Every single day he posts updates to Edsby. His posts .... Read More

Mrs Patane is a selfless teacher who inspires her students and her peers. She is a teacher through and through and it is not limited to the students that enter her classroom each day. She is a mentor to her peers serving as a an educator to look up .... Read More

Deanna graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 1996 married soon after and started a family soon after that. She started her teaching career later in life after her husband was permanently disabled in an automobile accident. Her and.... Read More

Mrs. Cleveland is the Chorus Director at Vivian Gaither High School located in the Northdale area of Hillsborough County. Ms. Cleveland received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida, as well as a Master’s in Education .... Read More

Do you know what inspiration is? Inspiration is a process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative according to Well, that’s exactly what my ‘Favorite Teacher’ inflicts.... Read More

She has been teaching for over 26 years and over the past 2 years I have simply seen the joy almost being sucked out of her with all the red tape that keeps getting handed down from politicians who think they know how a teacher should teach when they.... Read More

Delaney graduated from FSU’s visual impairment education program. She now teaches and travels everyday for Hillsborough County. She sees up to 8 students a day all across the county. She dedicates her time and energy 110% to her students..... Read More

What does to be an impactful teacher? Does being a teacher automatically get your name thrown in the bag? I think not! I’ve been lucky enough to have some great teachers. For that, I am thankful. What is an impactful teacher? Is it earning respect.... Read More

She is a math teacher at Walker Middle Magnet School and she always tries her hardest to get us to understand math concepts and always takes it easy on us and rewards us when we do good in class. She would love to win 1000 for her hard work she puts in.... Read More

Diana is a phenomenal teacher she mentors teachers and students with never ending patience. She performs our school tours and assists us in managing our stress as well with yoga and positive praise. As our lead teacher she advises all grades.... Read More

Diana is committed to the well being and legitimate cares for every child in her class. although she is a paraprofessional assisting the teacher she takes her job to heart and performs her job primarily out of love for the children. I see her coming.... Read More

I still remember her name: Mrs. Riccutti. My kindergarten teacher who once asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Without hesitation I blurted out “I’m going to be a teacher!” And I meant that. Maybe it’s because.... Read More

Ms. McGuinness is an amazing teacher that teaches AVID for 6th 7th and 8th grade. She has taught my brother and sister before me and they have been accepted into the IB program at Hillsborough High School and already getting colleges to look at.... Read More

Ms. Wilks uses American Sign Language to teach her middle school deaf and hard of hearing students. She goes above and beyond for her students every single day! This year she spent time before and after hours working with her deaf students to .... Read More

Foster Elementary is a school that has been taken over by the State for 5 consecutive “D” grades and Mrs. Baldwin left her posh elementary school to come here and make a difference. She wanted these students to experience REAL teaching.... Read More

Elizabeth Glover is an amazing educator for the students at Wharton HS that goes beyond academics. Glover spent her life overseas as her father was a diplomat in Egypt, Syria, Zaire (DRC) and Belgium. Her experiences can often be heard in her.... Read More

Ms.Osborn is the kind of teacher who will impact the rest of your life. She is kind and understanding, but pushes her students to be their best in their own ways. Her passion for teaching and belief in everyone’s ability to succeed is an encouragement..... Read More

Eric is a dedicated teacher of 17 years. He transitioned to teaching after suffering combat injuries in the Marines. He has lead his students to national and international awards for humanitarian work in hurricanes Katrina Irma and Florence.... Read More

My son is Autistic and Mr. Miller spends a great deal of time helping him cope with things he doesn’t like. Mr. Miller’s energy kindness and innovation to help my son is just outstanding. He really relates to him and because of this.... Read More

Mr. Price teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade robotics and coaches the boys’ soccer team at Stewart, my son’s middle school. Stewart is a STEM-focused public magnet school with about 1,100 students. More than 75% of our student body qualifies.... Read More

There’s no question in anyone’s mind that Mrs. Heilman is incredibly dedicated to excellence in teaching and always doing the best she can for her students but in addition to teaching the Early Childhood Care classes at Wharton.... Read More

Frances is our Reading Teacher at PACE Center for Girls. She is dual certified with ESE and Reading Endorsed for grades 6-12. She successfully prepares girls for their required district and state level exams towards their high school graduation.... Read More

Gabrielle studies at Florida State University and received her degree back in 2016. She has taught both 3rd & 4th grade and has made dramatic improvements in her students’ lives. Her 4th grade class made a 10% improvement in their state.... Read More

She is a really nice and kind teacher that helps you when you need it.

I met Gena Ezzi almost ten years ago while she was still attending college. She has always been a dedicated and tireless worker constantly having several jobs to put herself through school so that she could eventually give back in the selfless.... Read More

The Cheers to Pub-lic Service Award should go to Georgie Collins. Ms. Collins has been one of the key players in all of the change that has been exacted here at Wharton High School. Georgie has proven to be an asset to Parents, Teachers and Students..... Read More

Mrs. Bassett has been a perfect teacher for my daughter this year! She’s very kind and respectful of the children but also has a great balance of setting high expectations and also having fun. Mrs. Bassett keeps parents well informed .... Read More

As someone whose Mom died when she was young, Heather knows the importance of a strong woman role model for children. She has been working for 20 years as an educator for students with various disabilities, such as Specific Learning Disabilities,.... Read More

Mrs. Hunter is a great teacher. Her students love her. She believes in her students and makes them believe in themselves!

Hillary Trupp is a fifth grade language arts teacher. She’s highly creative, innovative and caters as a public school educator to each student and his/her needs and learning style in order to reach and meet the criteria of personal, county,.... Read More

Jacqueline is an exceptional teacher teaching 16 years. Always putting her students first she supports them in reaching their achievements and true potential. It doesn’t matter what level the student is at or the students abilities.... Read More

I am an Exceptional Student Education Teacher in Hillsborough County. This means I work with students with Autism Intellectual Disability Down Syndrome and any other disabilities that require a student to need significantly more support.... Read More

Mr. Osborn is a true dedicated teacher…..He started his career almost 25 years ago…He started as a young music teacher teaching children with special needs. His music performances were top notch productions. TeachersAdministrationParents.... Read More

Mrs Weiss has been an excellent teacher to my daughter this year. My daughter adores her and Mrs Weiss is a great role model. You can tell that she truly loves her job and that she is in it for the children. She has given my daughter a lot of confidence.... Read More

Janice will do whatever it takes to help her students be successful. She sincerely cares about each and every student. She is always willing to try something new and works diligently at improving her teaching skills. She is currently finishing.... Read More

Jasmine is my granddaughter’s second grade teacher. Peyton is a very shy little girl who is very quiet and wants to do everything right. Jasmine has been able to instill confidence in Peyton and she now volunteers to answer in class. Peyton.... Read More

Mr. Acevedo is a teacher and sponsor for Senior Steering at my high school. I met him formally at the beginning of my senior year when I heard he was the leader for the school trip to Ireland during spring break. My friends and I were interested and.... Read More

Jason has been teaching Physical Education for 15 years. He is truly dedicated to improving what students know about their health but more importantly what they know about themselves. You see Jennings Middle School is a school where over 95%.... Read More

Jay is the Director of Bands at Coleman Middle School. This is his third year at the school and fifth year as a teacher. When he arrived, he was the seventh director in ten years. The program was at an identity crisis. In only three years he has turned.... Read More

Miss Harrison taught my youngest daughter in kindergarten. This teacher helped mold my daughter and all of her students in such a kind and caring way! She makes ALL of her students feel like champions. Every child should be so blessed to start.... Read More

Jenise is the teacher and coach that every parent hopes their child will have. She genuinely cares about every one of her students and puts countless hours into preparation for her classes and practices. Leveraging current technology to meet.... Read More

Inspirational. That is the word that most describes Ms. Anderson. She has inspired both of my boys to have an incredible passion for both reading and writing that I didn’t think was possible. I was lucky enough for both of my sons to have.... Read More

Mrs. Bialozynski (Mrs. B as the kids call her) brings passion and fun to her classroom everyday. My son comes home on a regular basis talking about what they are learning and more importantly he is able to make connections about what he does in .... Read More

Let me first start by thanking you for the opportunity to nominate our son’s special needs teacher. To teach children is an amazing calling and in the autism community a teacher is a second voice for our children. They witness first hand.... Read More

Mrs. D’amico is a dynamic, smart, compassionate teacher and my boys and I want to nominate her for STANDOUT TEACHER. As a teacher myself (of middle school students), I was humbled when I started my oldest son in kindergarten six years ago. .... Read More

Shes a complete god. she is just the best teacher ever.

Mrs. Shaffer is an award winning Social Studies teacher at Lutz K8 (formerly Lutz Elementary). This year the school transitioned to a K8 school adding their first 6th grade class. With this new change to a public school there’s a lot of.... Read More

Mrs. McAlister is a primary teacher for students on the autism spectrum. She is always looking for opportunities to make sure our students are always included and accepted by everyone. She is compassionate towards our students and always .... Read More

My wife is currently in her 7th year teaching with six of those years at the same school. She was a cheer coach for three years at both the middle and high school and in the last two years let that position go so that she could pursue her Masters Degree.... Read More

Each year Coach Harte creates an amazing musical exercise routine based on a theme. The whole school learns the routine practices it daily at PE class. The kids absolutely love it! What makes this different special and unique is the way the theme.... Read More

Mrs. Wagoner is a great teacher. She never givera up on her students in any way and always communicates with parents. She goes above and beyond with special events and projects with her students. Any child would be blessed to call her their first.... Read More

I plan on nominating 4 outstanding teachers for this because all are outstanding professionals who this year decided to take on a challenge not many of us could.Jody Brown Kelly Colucci Julie Sekulits and Tina Pipp all moved from Bellamy Elementary.... Read More

Joe Humphrey is a journalism adviser for both the Red & Black and Hilsborean yearbook at Hillsborough High School, along with teaching English. Everyday, Joe Humphrey goes above and beyond to invest time into the development of real .... Read More

I would like to nominate Mr. Chudnow because he is a very inspiring person he is a staunch advocate of wholistic health: Body Mind emotions and spirit. And the fact that Mr chudnow was able to overcome a disease naturally without a single drug .... Read More

John Hanson is an amazing individual not only as a partner but also as an educational leader. He gives so much energy and time into providing music education to our youth. Throughout his time at Macfarlane Park he has shown high levels of support.... Read More

Hi there! My name is Jordyn Davidove and I am a second grade teacher at Ruskin Elementary school. I have received recognition (Best and Brightest Teachers) for outstanding teaching performance.I have been teaching now for four years and absolutely.... Read More

Jordyn is a Florida native born and raised in Pinellas County Florida. She received her elementary education degree from USF Tampa campus where she was also a cheerleader. She loves her students and prides herself in trying to make a difference.... Read More

Mr. Arnold is a civics teacher at Walker Middle Magnet. He is an advocate for student-directed learning and has shown his students how they can learn best fitted to them. He keeps his classes interesting and makes sure all his students are doing.... Read More

For the three years I have known Coach Goldstein, he has made major impacts on my life; whether it is in basketball or just everyday things. He is the one person I know I can go to with anything and I will get a straight up answer, the answer I need to.... Read More

My wife is a teacher of special education students. She loves the challenge of helping these students make learning gains and she will go to any length to adapt their environment to help them be successful. She has been with Pinellas county schools.... Read More

As part of the “Powerful 4″ Julie Sekulits Jody Brown Kelly Colucci and Tina Pipp took on the challenge of moving from Bellamy Elementary to Foster Elementary this year. Bellamy is a Title 1 with its share of challenges but Foster.... Read More

Julie Sparks is an amazing teacher. What? That’s not enough? Ok! We work at a very high needs school one the district has deemed an ‘Achievement School’ due to low test scores. Most of our students live in poverty and face .... Read More

Mr. Lopez takes a special interest in each child in his class and motivates them to reach their potential. He regularly communicates any issues before they become major even after hours. He also takes time out to take the kids to movies and special.... Read More

Ms. Bishop taught my son in orchestra. He played the Cello. He is now finishing his fourth year in college for psychology. Ms. Bishop also taught orchestra to my daughter a senior now who plays the viola. Both of my children were taught by her for.... Read More

Mrs. Hough and her 10th grade students have adopted Callaway Elementary School in Panama City Florida an area devastated by Hurricane Michael in October. They have donated food baby supplies money clothing school supplies and books for teachers.... Read More

Kasey has dedicated her life to making a change in children. She is “truly a teacher” she teaches these children as if they were her own. She has 30 children in her class and to be kindergarten that’s incredible. Never complains and just.... Read More

Mrs. Richardson not only demonstrates a passion for teaching but especially in Reading and English. She sets the standards and the bar high for each of her students. She promotes imagination innovation interaction and independent thinking..... Read More

I am a 7th grade intensive reading teacher at Burns Middle School. One of the things that I strive to obtain through teaching is creating a positive culture and building relationships with the students that goes beyond the classroom. Reading.... Read More

Mrs. Arena has created a home in the classroom. She is very welcoming and constantly goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is okay. She is a great role model and an amazing teacher. I will never forget her. She helped me keep going when I wanted.... Read More

Katherine moved here by herself from NY to become a second grade teacher. She started at Mango Elementary School and in her 3rd year of teaching was teacher of the year at Mango! She was also team leader in her grade and was able to manage all of her.... Read More

My daughter Desiree had Ms. Wilson last year in 9th grade. Before last year my daughter struggled greatly in math. She missed a year and a half of school in 2-3rd grade due to a fight with cancer and she just never caught up. Her self esteem was so .... Read More

Katy is a teacher with a gentle spirit. She has always loved working with kids and felt called to teach last year. She gives the children kindness and the support that they need on a daily basis. Teaching is not for the weak of heart. And this woman.... Read More

Kayla Leland is an outstanding educator coach and mentor for our students here at Webb Middle School. Kayla’s second year teaching has given her an opportunity empower and develop our Webb Middle school student to become productive.... Read More

Ms. Propst goes above and beyond for the children in her classroom she works more hours then what is required and wants to make sure that the kids realize they have more potential then what they think they have. This is a low income school and most.... Read More

After teaching in the same Title 1 school for almost 20 years Ms. Colucci took a broad leap of faith and decided to try her hand at an achievement school in a very poor area of Tampa. As most know a Title 1 school offers its share of difficulties with.... Read More

Kelly Raduechel is entering her third year of teaching; she is 25 years old and is originally from Wisconsin but has now lived in Tampa Florida for two years. Kelly inspires me with her influential ways of constantly looking at life and circumstances.... Read More

Mr. Wildner has been a teacher at Keystone Prep High School since it opened its doors back in 2013. While numerous other teachers have left the school he has stayed because he truly cares about the students and wants them to succeed. In May he is.... Read More

Mr.Nester is a great teacher because he’s funny but also actually teaches us and give us good reasourses and practice. I enjoy having math in the morning and enjoy learning new math concepts so yeah!

Keysha is a 5th grade teacher here at Summerfield Elementary. Summerfield is a Title 1 school with a large population of students that receive free or reduced lunch. She has some tough students this year. Some of the students were in with administration.... Read More

Kim Messina is a social worker split between two elementary sites. Alexander’s population consists of many migrants that do not have the resources readily available to prepare their children. Through Kim’s enthusiastic attitude and.... Read More

Ms. Rostick is my fourth grade teacher. Some children think that she is strict but she actually is the best teacher one could ever have. She teaches every child not only everything he needs to know in academics but also stretches them to their .... Read More

Ms. Rostick is my fourth grade teacher. Some children think that she is strict, but she actually is the best teacher one could ever have. She teaches every child not only everything he needs to know in academics, but also stretches them to their.... Read More

Kimberly has dreamed of teaching kindergarten since she was 5 years old. When she got her first job as a teacher she was lucky enough to be hired by her kindergarten teacher who was then a principal. Kim spends long nights at school volunteering.... Read More

Although I just met Mrs. Corripio at the beginning of the school year I have come to know her passion for her job and love for her students. As the daughter of a preschool teacher she knew she wanted to become a teacher. She loved working with young.... Read More

I am proud to nominate my wife Krista one of the most humble individuals I know who has been passionately teaching for over 12 years. Teaching at a Title 1 middle school isn’t easy; but she works selflessly to build relationships mentor.... Read More

Kristen is my sister in law. When I married her brother 8 years ago I was not sure if I wanted children. Once she became a teacher hearing the fun stories she got to be a part of with her little pupils made me reconsider. I’m now a Mom to two wonderful.... Read More

Mrs. Milton is the School Social Worker at Cleveland Elementary. Over the last two years Mrs. Milton has made it her goal to provide a caring and supportive environment for all students to excel. Her continued community service which includes.... Read More

Mrs. Burns is the co-sponsor of our club Bringing Smiles to Wesley Chapel. Our club has been high lighted on “What’s Right with Tampa Bay” for the service projects we do monthly. Students have donated countless hours and.... Read More

Mrs.Phillips is an excellent teacher ! She goes above and beyond for all her students . She recently assisted a child obtain a 4 year scholarship to college! She takes time to work individually with each student and spends her time on the weekends.... Read More

Leah has been working with special needs students for over 10 years. Her love for these kids is incredibly strong. She dedicates all of her time and most of her money to make sure her student have the best chance at success1

Lisa has worked with students in low-income communities for over a decade. She is a dedicated teacher who forms meaningful bonds with her students and goes above and beyond to bridge the gap between the classroom and the community. Prior to .... Read More

My wife is an Exceptional Student Educator at Pride. She truly has a passion for teaching exceptional students how to read and write. She believes that every child should be literate in order to become successful adults no matter what their .... Read More

I was fortunate enough to have Lisa for both my daughters. Her dedication and compassion to her students leaves me with nothing but gratitute. During a 3 month contract where I was out of state Lisa helped my first daughter through the separation.... Read More

Lisabeth has been my best friend since we can remember. We’ve remained close all through grade school in PA and we both decided to move to FL together in 2012 where we still remain best friends and act like sisters. From a young age she always.... Read More

My daughter has struggled with reading since she started school and Mrs. Whitworth has been our hero this year. She has worked one on one with my daughter and fought for more assistance for her and has been her biggest cheerleader. After she tested.... Read More

Lori Laraia is an outstanding caring teacher who goes out of her way for her students. She has a special heart for students who need extra help and an amazing ability to help them grow and excel like no other. She has a unique influence on them that.... Read More

She has been teaching for 20 plus years and has extensive knowledge and care for what she does.

Ms. Yergey has been a Guidance Counselor at Plant High School for the last 3.5 years where she covers 9th – 12th graders under the last names starting with A – Dan. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of .... Read More

She cares about her students she gets to know the parents well. She is so fun and fresh she brings joy to those around her. Best teacher ever!

I have been teaching children with intellectual disabilities and autism for 17 years. It is not easy to toot my own horn, but I’ll do anything for my students!

Influential–I’m a National Board Certified Teacher. There is not another .... Read More

Mackenzie is a special needs teacher in a high school setting. She pours her heart out for her kids and strives for inclusion and acceptance for all students within the school setting. She is the Best Buddies sponsor to help those individuals.... Read More

Mrs. Drumsta is a kind and hard-working teacher! She always strives to give her students the best education that she can give. Mrs. Drumsta works with all her students to help them out in any way she also keeps her classroom lively with jokes and.... Read More

Mrs. Molinaro is a teacher who captivates her class encourages her students with seemingly infinite compassion and patience and teaches not only stellar academics but also quality life lessons. She caters to each student’s needs .... Read More

She is one of my former culinary teachers. She is so amazing at what she does. She helps me not only with questions related to culinary but also in the real world. Even though I am now not a student of hers anymore because I will soon be a high school.... Read More

Ms. Marilee Myers has been a great mentor and teacher in special education. Ms. Myers has proven to be a passionate veteran in Education by showing dedication knowledge patience and lasting impact on students with disabilities. As a co-teacher.... Read More

It was my senior year when I first met Mrs. Rivera aka Coach. She was the brand new cross country coach. At first I was upset to accept a new coach on a team that I was a veteran. However, my outlook changed. She changed the entire culture of the team..... Read More

When I think of the teacher who has made an undeniable impact on my children Melissa Hays immediately comes to mind. This is the second year our family has been fortunate enough to have Ms. Hays. My daughter had her last year as her 4th grade math.... Read More

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Mrs. Barrett for this award. When you think back to your childhood you can probably remember that one special teacher that changed the trajectory of your life – a passionate caring adult who not.... Read More

Mike makes a big difference every day in the lives of his students. He has been dedicated to teaching special ed students with varying disabilities for many years. His students always make gains not just academically but also personally. He.... Read More

Michelle Hampel has made a commitment to educate and advocate for children with disabilities and their families. Michelle is in her 6th year teaching special education in the Tampa area. She has inspired colleagues parents and students including.... Read More

She is a great person sensitive to the feelings of her students as a teacher the best that my daughter has ever had always enthusiastic and eager to be different to prepare and spread the desire to learn that she has for her students . With my daughter.... Read More

Mrs.Spano is an outstanding teacher. She has been inspiring students at Wimauma Elementary (Renaissance/Title I School) for 5 years. She is so passionate for education and loves to watch the students explore and grow as people. This is her.... Read More

Mrs. Gries is a mom to 5 married to Chris Gries (also a teacher at Claywell) and my son Evan’s ESE teacher at Claywell. You may know or certainly imagine how hard it is to trust the people that spend the majority of time with our children at .... Read More

Mr. Bostic teaches technology communications and robotics classes to middle school students at a STEM school. Besides teaching daily he is also the advisor of the schools Technology Student Association (TSA) where he spends countless hours.... Read More

Mrs. Spahn is extremely kind and dedicated to her students. She goes above the minimum as a teacher and ensures her Kindergarten classroom is warm and welcoming. As a parent you can tell she truly loves teaching children and wants the best for.... Read More

Miss Nina Bac has been teaching for 12 years. She is a passionate and dedicated educator. She spends endless hours planning to create unique learning experiences in the classroom. She goes above and beyond EVERY SINGLE DAY! Miss Bac creates.... Read More

Patty has been a special educator for 8 years most recently working at Wendell Krinn (K-Tech) and when it was Ridgewood High School. Patty devotes most of her time at work and home to her students which become an extension of her family. Patty .... Read More

I just moved from PA to Floirda and I went to the school to see if my son whom has ADHD and Autism could attend a public school when I fought the school board and got hin into Gibsonton Elementary it was scary because he never went to a public school .... Read More

Peter Moroned is retiring in Aug.2019 with 40 years of teaching and coaching. He has coached X-Country & Track & Field. Aome of his athletes are doctors lawyers self made millionaires nurses teachers police officers and list goes.... Read More

Lanier Is a smaller school than most Hillsborough county schools so Randi teaches science to all of the third graders at the school in Triad rotation format. Lanier is a title one school. It just became the first ever public lighthouse leader.... Read More

Celebrating the “IRISH” in Ms. Norman….

Influential: Ms. Norman is not only a teacher but also serves as the Class of 2019 Sponsor. My daughter talks about her quite a bit (my daughter is the Class President). I can tell that she has.... Read More

Rebecca has been a dedicated teacher for Pace Center for Girls Pasco for over a decade. Her dedication to our students never wavers regardless of what may be going on in her personal life. She holds EVERY student’s well being and education.... Read More

I have known Roger Mills for over 7 years. He has been my children’s teacher and their Cross Country / Track and Field coach as well. He has a heart for service and an unwavering sense of responsibility to the students and student-athletes.... Read More

A lesson to be taught, a mentor to most, a dad to a few who need one, and a friend to all, is how I would describe Mr. Ross Anderson. Hearing the silent cry for positive male mentorship from young men living in some of the roughest parts of Tampa Bay,.... Read More

Sabel is our Spirited Girls teacher at PACE Center for Girls. Sabel teaches girls in grades 6-12 with a curriculum that successfully prepares students with valuable life skills and prepares our students for life after PACE and into adulthood..... Read More

She loves what she does she loves the kids and the love her. She is by no means an easy teacher. The key to the respect that goes both ways is she explains what she expects out them why they are learn each lesson the how they may end up using the knowledge.... Read More

Mrs. Stultz has been such a great help with ELA. My son (4th) grade barely passed 3rd grade last year. I was afraid that this year my son will struggle with writing and comprehension. With Mrs. Stultz help and guidance his now getting A’s.... Read More

Samantha is a wonderful teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. I have never met someone so compassionate about their job and truly values their students success. Samantha was granted teacher of the year from the Council of Exceptional.... Read More

Sarah has been working for 3 years in an ESE support room for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder through the CABS program. This program was designed for students with an ASD eligibility who also demonstrate challenging behaviors that .... Read More

Ms. Jackson has worked tireless hours and has given her all over the past 19 years at Hunter’s Green. She always put her students first and always the last to leave at the end if the day. She is loved and respected by Parents and Peers in our.... Read More

Scott Cunningham is an enthusiastic social studies teacher at Alonso High School where he has taught for 15 years. Each year he maintains a fantastic rapport with his students. The students choose to take his history classes as an elective .... Read More

She is a really good teacher in my eyes. Not only that shes there when you need her when your having a bad day shes someone you can come to and trust to help you out. She will make you laugh when you need it the most shes just amazing to me

Ms. Keith works with kids who are in danger of not graduating because they have difficulty passing the necessary tests. She spends all of her days supporting and encouraging these kids and coaxing them into believing they can pass teaching .... Read More

Sharon has been an English teacher for 29 years and teaching English is hard work. Her career began humbly enough teaching high school English in Pasco county and some temporary assignments in Hillsborough county followed by 16 years at Brandon.... Read More

Sharon works at Pepin Pasco it is a special needs School in the teachers there are not recognized by District. She always thinks outside of the box to try to help students learn new materials her son is bipolar and has wonderful grades was just .... Read More

I teach grades 9-12 all subjects to students with disabilities. Students in my class have IQs below 70 and a range of disabilities (Autism Down Syndrome Intellectual disabilities Dandy Walker Syndrome Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Cerebral Palsy.... Read More

She is very caring and helpful she makes sure we do good and get good grades to help us pass. She also helped our class by helping us write good essays to help pass 8th grade to go to high school

I have had Ms. Fudella for 2 years. She drives an hour each way to teach us each day because she really cares for us. She is my AVID elective teacher that has taught me more than just school work. She listens and is very understanding when it comes .... Read More

Ms Hanagriff has turned my daughters life downsl side up Ive seen her teach from the door sh3 has a room full of 6-7-8 year old kids who most of the times are very annoying and she handles them so well she is tough on them but at then end of the day always.... Read More

Mrs. Kraft has been an inspiration to our family. She teaches Kindergarten in a dual-language classroom at Bellamy Elementary. Every day she sets an example of kindness and compassion for her students. Everyone knows Mrs. Kraft because she.... Read More

Susan DiFederico is currently an International Baccalaureate English teacher at Robinson High School in South Tampa. Our professional relationship began decades ago when she interned with me at Chamberlain High School but the rest of her.... Read More

After serving our country in the military Mrs. Ivy decided to teach. She has this amazing rapport with every single one of her students. She takes the time to know what their interests are and keeps up with them. She makes it a mission to attend .... Read More

This woman works harder than anyone I know! She is constantly emailing parents forming lesson plans printing out educational aids grading work and calling to check up on her students…. and that’s just during her off time. She .... Read More

Tamikia is a beautiful and understanding person. She will go above and beyond to help her students and Families.

My wife is an extremely dedicated teacher. She drives 1 1/2 hours each way to get to work every day. She has been doing this for 7 years because she loves the children at her school. She is endlessly spending her own money to make sure her under priveledged.... Read More

Mrs. Coats has been a teacher of gifted and basic ed students at Lake Myrtle Elementary for the past nine years after taking ten years off to raise her own children. She has been a high impact teacher for the past five years (every year since that.... Read More

Mrs. Edwards has set the stage for Elementary school for my son who loves going to school. She makes learning fun with science projects that really challenge the children to think and use their imagination. She creatively has created an Instagram.... Read More

She engages her class and makes the learning environment informative and fun. My son is well on his way to being a confident reader and enjoys school and I’m grateful for her nuturing environment for her kindergarten class

Ms Fabian is an amazing teacher. She is always there for us even if we are not currently in her class. For example this year I was applying for a program and needed a teacher recommendation. I had asked a teacher and they were going to write me it. .... Read More

My wife has been a teacher for the last 13 years. She has devoted so much to her children. I have seen her cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow for her children. We have made trips to Goodwill for the girl who didn’t have a jacket or the boy who .... Read More

Mrs. Simon changes the lives of her students with the effective thoughtful ways she shares her knowledge with us every day. Mrs. Simon is a wonderful woman dedicated to her job of forming us into the best we can be. No matter what happens in her .... Read More

Tina is the epitome of a selfless teacher! She continuously goes above and beyond for her students and her coworkers! When a coworker was out sick for three weeks this year, she took on the planning, grading and instruction of 6 additional classes..... Read More

Well how do I start? Mrs. Perkins is one of the most patient loving and caring teachers I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with. She is such an amazing teacher. She is constantly trying new strategies and trying to improve the way she.... Read More

Tina Pipp is part of the “Powerful 4″ who bravely transferred from an already difficult Title 1 school to an “Achievement School”. Ms. Pipp Jody Brown Kelly Colucci and Julie Sekulits moved from Bellamy Elementary.... Read More

I have known Mrs. Parker for more than 12 years. She is a dynamic educator. She teaches math so well that she was able to help me successfully pass the math portion of the educator’s exam for the state of Florida. I really love the way that .... Read More

Trista has been working with children in some way for almost every job she has has since she began her working career when at fourteen she started as a camp counselor teaching soccer and tennis. For the past twenty one years Trista has been teaching.... Read More

My mother has always worked multiple jobs but this one takes the cake. She teaches the kids sign language created a butterfly and plant garden with the children. Teaches them about eating healthy and so much more. She is the kindest soul and doesnt.... Read More

Mrs. Scaglione has worked at Westchase since it opened 20 years ago. She is a selfless teacher who loves working with her kindergarten students. She is kind patient and loving. The students are so lucky to go into a classroom that is full of love.... Read More

Walter (Wally) Watts is an exceptional teacher – he has loads of energy and more passion for teaching than anyone I’ve encountered. He was teaching science then a few years ago the STEM academy he teaches in (within the public middle.... Read More

Wayne is such an inspiration to our entire school. 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year Wayne looks after his fellow teachers friends and students. There has never been a time Wayne hasn’t checked on me to make sure I have made it home okay. He .... Read More

Wendy has been teaching Science at PACE Center for Girls for the past 5 years. She is also a national certified RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Instructor and has implemented this valuable program to our students in addition to all her secondary.... Read More

Coach Sowell is amazing! I honestly think this guy never sleeps. He is the Middle School PE teacher at Rampello and does so much for the kids. He coaches every middle school sport and started a cross country club in the 2017-18 school year. He arrives.... Read More

Ms. Mills is a highly skilled talented and professional teacher with more than thirteen years of experience in Exceptional Student Education (ESE). She taught students with Severe/Profound Mentally Handicapped (SPMH) disabilities and.... Read More

Ms Garcia teaches Science at Pierce Middle School in Tampa. Her love of teaching is evident in how she responds to the students. She is very innovative in how she presents new lessons with lots of hands on experiments. She has very high goals for.... Read More


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