Cheers to Pub-lic Service Awards

  • The purpose of Irish 31’s CHEERS TO PUB-LIC SERVICE is to celebrate the IRISH in those that have an undeniable impact on our youth: Influential, Reliable, Impassioned, Selfless, Humble.
  • Irish 31 Pub House & Eatery invites friends, family, fellow coaches, parents, and students to nominate a coach that has made a true difference in their life, or the life of their loved one.
  • EACH PUB will recognize, celebrate, and reward FIVE standout examples of coaches that use their position as a force for good on the field, within their schools, out in their communities, and in the lives of our children.
  • Past beneficiaries cannot be nominated again.
  • If you have been nominated in the past, but were not selected and still would like to be considered, please submit a new nomination form.
  • Some nominees may have multiple submissions. We would love to put everyone’s story about the nominee but when it is time to vote we can only have 1 story per nominee.
  • Spring 2019: Nominations for Teachers will be accepted.
Thank you for nominating so many legendary Hillsborough and Pasco County coaches for our Cheers to PUBlic service program!
Please vote on your favorite coach below by December 15th, and check back on the 17th when we will announce our 20 winners!
(Limited to one vote per day.)

Akeem is an amazing nominee for this award. He came to Tampa Fl after graduating college in 2015. Since then he have volunteered and coached multiple sports. He is the head Coach at his middle school for track, he is the head step coach at his middle.... Read More

Not only is Coach Brown influencing the kids of our future in the class room but he is also influencing them on the field. Coach Brown has been teaching and coaching Lacrosse at Alonso High School for three years. He has devoted his time to the athletes.... Read More

Coach Cimino has been coaching this High School swim team for years. She deserves recommendation because of her emphasis on good sportsmanship and strong team unity and identity. In one of the early practices, she had the kids tread water while.... Read More

I am nominating Mr. Anderson DaSilva because of the hard work and dedication that he puts as an educator on a daily basis. He spends countless hours organizing groups and events that benefit not only his Physical Education students, but the .... Read More

Coach Johnson is by far the most caring coach! He takes care of the players as if they were his own kids, offering them rides to and from practice. Golf in our district is a difficult sport for parents to attend, so our coach acts as parent, cheerleader,.... Read More

Anthony has run our Challenger Division, consisting of special needs adults and kids at the park. such an incredible program. he spends a lot of time handling everything from uniforms, scheduling and coaching. a great program.
Fox13 link .... Read More

Coach BJ was a professional football player who retired & dedicated his experience on & off the field to teens. He began an organization called Team Florida where young adults are not only educated on the field but off as well. Coach.... Read More

Barrett Zebos has been at King HS for seventeen years and started coaching Boys Golf his second year, 2002. Since then, he has picked up the Girls golf team as well. He is dedicated to his players, and the school. He has won nine Western Conference.... Read More

Coach BJ is not only a great coach but a terrific human. He is tough but fair. Players and coaches appreciate what he brings to the table. He is the guy that listens and lends a hand to help those in need. Students confide in him and know they can trust.... Read More

I am very fortunate to work with Coach Dorkowski at Weightman Middle School. I am a participatory autistic teacher and Coach Dorkowski is our adaptive PE coach. He is AMAZING!!! He works with our students to move them towards enjoying a healthy.... Read More

Coach Brian began volunteer coaching at the West Tampa YMCA in 2009. He soon realized male players often wouldn’t pass to girls on their team and the other teams didn’t consider the girls equal opponents. Therefore girls weren’t.... Read More

She is an amazing coach and an amazing friend! She enjoys working with the students and introducing them to new sports and activities they would not know about unless attending school. She loves her safety patrols and makes sure they know their.... Read More

Christina is one of the United States finest. Christina graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Factors Engineering and minor in Systems Engineering. Christina was recruited.... Read More

Mr. Marchetti is a magnificent Physical Education teacher that works with students from first through fifth grade. Many of our students come from diverse backgrounds, but he always treats and educate all our students with the same respect.... Read More

Dave is an outstanding coach. His love for baseball is almost as strong as his love for God. Every lesson begins with prayer. He instructs with a gentleness. His knowledge of the sport is never ending . This humble man surely deserves to be celebrated..... Read More

Dennis has been wrestling since he was a child in Hillsborough County. After graduating college he became a wrestling coach up in Tallahassee around the year 2000. He has coached wrestling, volleyball and soccer. Many of his wrestlers have.... Read More

This is our son’s first year playing in this league bc we are new to Tampa. Dom has been such a great coach to Chase and all of the kids. He is so positive and patient. He encourages them with every small win of their progress at practice and games.... Read More

My husband has coached our boys in baseball for years. He has always impressed me with his positive attitude in coaching. He tries to keep the fun in the game while building confidence in the kids. This year he had already volunteered to coach .... Read More

Dwayne is the most unselfish person I know. He doesnt have any kids of his own but every player he helps or trains becomes family, because he looks out for them not only on the field but off the field.

Earl has had a positive impact coaching thousands of bay area boys into manhood for 45 years at the youth and high school level. He has helped many of his athletes gain a scholarship to college, complete their degrees and find employment

Eddie has been coaching my son and many others in south Tampa for about 2 years. He is amazingly dedicated to the kids that he coaches whether they are on his travel team, a little league team or new to baseball. He teaches the fundamentals and has.... Read More

My husband has been a wrestling coach at LOLHS for 8 years. He is dedicated to the sport and his wrestlers. He goes above and beyond for these athletes. He makes sure they have the gear they need. He looks for sponsors and does fundraisers to ensure.... Read More

It is with great pleasure to nominate Mr. Fredrick Spencer for consideration of the 2018 Stand Out
Coaches in the Tampa Bay community award; in recognition of this deserving candidate and his active
volunteer efforts to assist and mentor our.... Read More

Gary has played football his entire life.. its his passion! He is amazing both on and off the football pitch, and his dream is to inspire as many young people as possible, to lead fit and healthy lives, enjoying sport!

Coach Gil has coached three of our four kids over the last several years. He was one of the first people we met upon moving to Florida, from Colorado. He started out by coaching our daughter. He and his friend, Brian, pioneered the Northwest YMCA.... Read More

Greg grew up playing lacrosse in New Jersey. Once beyond his days of playing lacrosse he still had a passion for the game and channeled that passion through coaching. In North Carolina he started a new program at a local high school and within .... Read More

Heidi has been coaching or an athletic director for over 35 years in the Tampa bay area. She has over 540 wins in Volleyball with under 180 losses. She has hosted the FACA state all-star game, spoken at various FACA clinics, officiated, held officials.... Read More

Holly is not only an amazing teacher to our students, she devotes her after school hours to coaching volleyball, and later in the school year, track. She is the type of person who can form and build a relationship with any student. She is a great.... Read More

Coach Elliott has coached me since I was 4 and continues to coach me today. My coach has been a great role model and life coach. Coach Elliott also sponsers many players and even payed for me and my friend to travel to Germany to play soccer against.... Read More

Committed, dedicated and passionate are only a few words that describe the type of Coach that James Jackson is. He always has the best interest of his athletes in mind and wants to see every one of them be successful and achieve their dreams. He.... Read More

Coach Finan is a mother of 3 kids and a physical education coach at Sunlake High school. Having a busy like as is she still found endless time for the team and dedicating her all to us. She was a coach and also a best friend. She was someone to help us.... Read More

Jerry grew up in Kentucky and has therefore always loved the game of basketball. When he moved to Tampa in high school, he played for Sickles. There, he developed a lifelong bond with the talented young varsity coach and ex-Florida basketball.... Read More

Jerry Marsh’s passion to nurture social acceptance through shared sports, and his position as a Pasco County PE teacher, motivated him to become a Special Olympics Unified Sports® Coach. Jerry takes humble delight training athletes.... Read More

Jess is a phenomenal coach who manages to connect to every single girl that she coaches. She dedicates the majority of her time to maintaining a healthy environment at practice and with the athletes. She has purchased resources with her own .... Read More

Coach Fye took over our girl’s tennis team 9 years ago when we had a vacant coaching spot and no one else wanted to do it. Jewell has put her heart and soul in to the team and her players. from day one she has made it more about the experience then.... Read More

Joanne is an amazing coach. She always has the girls best interest in mind. Every girl on her team is treated as if she were her own daughter. Most girls even refer to her as their “Other Mother”. When a girl on the team had a dog that .... Read More

Besides being a great Coach and making PE fun, Coach Makinster is always a really nice guy and always there to help any of his students. When I lost my favorite jacket at school, he was the one who took the time and looked for it and helped me find it..... Read More

Joey has coached my son since his freshman year (he’s now a senior). He always goes above and beyond by ensuring that the kids have snacks, water and are safe when there’s lightning and bad weather. He helps fundraise & goes above and.... Read More

Leto High School Football is a team that has not seen success in 4 years. This team has had losing records for the past nine seasons. Not many coaches would even look at an opportunity like this. Joey saw this and knew he could make a difference. .... Read More

Robinson High School’s Flag Football Coach Josh Saunders exemplifies the merits sought by the Irish 31 World Class Coach Contest. While our coach is a proven winner on the field with a varsity team that has won 4 of the last 5 state championships.... Read More

Karen Cooley has been a Swim & Dive coach for many years. Her hard work and dedication to the sport is nothing short of amazing. She even assists other High Schools in the area by coaching their Dive Teams along with her own Team. She goes above.... Read More

Coach Moranville is one of the best coaches that I have had the pleasure of meeting. She welcomes any athlete with open arms and is willing to help them when the bowler ask for it. She motivates every athlete to try there best and never give up on .... Read More

Katherine Lee is the penultimate coach and teacher. Coach Lee truly cares about her student-athletes and her players love her. She goes out of her way to teach and encourage anyone who wants to learn the sport of basketball. She goes above and.... Read More

As a first-year teacher Keith Lowe has been an excellent addition to the P.E. team and school. He brings a positive and fresh perspective in his teaching style, while willing to take advice and critique from veteran teachers. In addition to .... Read More

Keven has coach mighty might football for many years. He goes above and beyond for the kids on his squad and all other age groups at the park and the schools in the area. Many parents have made comments about they love how he shows his passion for .... Read More

After being a classroom teacher for many years, Coach Papale transitioned into the world of Physical Education. She always keeps a positive attitude and leads by example. She’s an active volleyball player that teachers her students.... Read More

Kyle is a wonderful father of 2, Elli age 10 and Parker age 8. He has volunteered countless hours coaching our kids since Elli began playing sports at 4 years old, including softball,baseball,and soccer. Every season of every sport he has coached.... Read More

Kyle is the defensive coordinator at Armwood High School. It is safe to say that he puts in more time and truly helps change lives for our youth. He is always there for his players, treats them like family, and bends over backwards to make sure they.... Read More

Loveny Rivas assisted in 2013 and took over the head coaching position in 2014. Loveny has since led the team to 5 district titles, 6 regional titles, and 4 consecutive state titles. She has also led the team to 4 seasons being nationally ranked.... Read More

Coach Isaac is amazing. She is a Social Studies teacher and volunteers as our cheer coach. We practice 8 hours a week, she sets up fundraisers like car washes on the weekend so we can get new uniforms. She is a role model and teaches us to be positive.... Read More

Coach Kantor is in his 4th year at Wiregrass Ranch and has made a tremendous impact on our football and weightlifting teams over this time. Mark was hired to take over our football program that had struggled for years. After building a strong .... Read More

Coach Mark is my Dad, but he is also my Coach. He coaches recreational soccer, competitive soccer, and high school varsity soccer. He has a full time job, but once he gets off work, he can be found at the field coaching soccer, his favorite job. .... Read More

Mary is the most selfless coach I know. She dedicates her absolute everything into her athletes. She is the best when it comes to instilling team unity, bonding and support for one another. She motivates the kids daily, spends all of her free .... Read More

Matt has been dedicated to growing the game of lacrosse in the Tampa area for the past 15 years. The amount of youths he has influenced is immense. Our program at Northwest Tampa Lacrosse spans the inclusion of athletes that cover approximately.... Read More

Coach Warner came to Bloomingdale 3 years ago to a program with little student participation, little to no student body support, and a team that has had 3 winning season in the history of the school.

In 3 years he has turned this program into a place.... Read More

Coach Aubin joined Roland Park last year as a fifth grade teacher. She began the year by volunteering as an assistant girls basketball coach. She went on to coach in the same year as head coach of the track and girl’s flag football teams..... Read More

Coach Jenkins is an absolutely amazing man. He has the ability to spread so much of himself over different projects and school athletics. He inspires and challenges his current and former students to be the best version of themselves everyday..... Read More

Nick is a great Dad, Husband and Coach.It all started when his 4 yr old daughter Natalie wanted to play Tball. The family went to the local field to sign her up, but like most groups they needed coaches. So Nick volunteered to coach, that was 5 years.... Read More

Nicole coaches JV and Varsity volleyball at Durant. She’s been the coach there for a few years. Her dedication, inspiration, coaching and motivation has been overwhelming. Personally, she has had a motivating impact on my daughter.... Read More

We met Coach O about three years ago, as we were looking for activities for our son who is in the Autism Spectrum. Coach O teaches and lives kickboxing, and he had at that time an adapted class for kids on the spectrum and their siblings. Our children.... Read More

I think Coach Dipasquale deserves this award because he always greets everyone in the morning with a great mood. He does great activities all the time. He encourages his students to try their best. He is a good influence on his students. He always.... Read More

Paul is the athletic director and attends all sport events for his school. This includes basketball, soccer, volleyball, golf and also the Special Olympics. What I love about the sports program under Paul’s leadership is the inclusiveness.... Read More

For years, I’ve watched my husband devote his time, energy & knowledge to shape/mold young men into football players (& respectable men). I have witnessed the respect & knowledge he’s shared/shares with them.... Read More

Rick has dedicated his life to youth development. He’s the first person in the building and the last one to leave and has been for several years. He’s single-handedly revamped multiple sports and is open minded to any and all innovations.... Read More

Great with kids in ALL areas. Extraordinary teacher. Three sport High School Coach at Pasco High

Our organization the Keystone Bills would like to nominate Rori Gerstner for this Public Service Award based on her passion and drive for athletics and her volunteer work with youth cheerleaders. At age 15 she has already coached youth girls.... Read More

He should be nominated because he spends most of his time coaching swimmers to become better and believe in themselves.

Scott is a very hard working. He always makes time to be a coach for our players. He is an amazing role model and always goes out of his way to make sure the kids have fun and learn at the same time. Scott is dedicated to making a difference in our players..... Read More

A proud Hudson High School alumni, Stephen Jones gives back to his community through his work as both an English teacher and coach for three of Hudson’s varsity teams: Girls Volleyball, Girls Soccer, and Boys Tennis. With the help of his coaching.... Read More

I have only known Tim (as a youth baseball coach) for about 6 years, but he has coached youth baseball for nearly at least 16 years and wrestling for about as long (if not longer). He is beloved by players, parents and other coaches in our community..... Read More

Coach Todd coaches for the East Bay Bucs. He is ex military and applies the skills he learned in the military to his coaching. He is an amazing coach and really puts forth maximum effort to teach his athletes. Take for instance when he had to miss.... Read More

My dad has been a coach as long as I can remember. From my sisters’ little league softball teams, to high school softball, wrestling, and football – coaching has been a part of his life. For the last 10 years he has been the Varsity .... Read More

“Coach” Williard as the kids call him, has an undeniable talent and charisma for bringing people together. His long-time background as a Rugby player first in high school and then at USF and through community teams has contributed.... Read More

Coaches play substantial roles in young lives, and every once in a great while, you find yourself blessed enough to cross paths with a coach who changes your life. Tracy is one of those coaches. She is an incredible coach and a second Mother giving.... Read More

Coach Riordan goes above and beyond to ensure her players are successful both on the field and off the field. Last year was her first year as Assistant Football Coach at our middle school and she did a great job. This year, she got promoted to Head.... Read More

Tyler has been a tremendous coach in the Wesley Chapel community for over a decade. He initially began coaching for WCAA at the Wesley Chapel District Park and has continued to the High School level at Wiregrass. Coach Finn has always coached.... Read More

I have only known Walt for 2 years, but what I have come to know about him, makes me want to be a better person. Walt is the Director of ER Services at a hospital by day, and a WCAA Red Storm Travel Baseball coach by night. Even after a long day at the hospital,.... Read More

I run the South Bay Hockey, Inc. youth hockey program which is a 501c3 organization focused on giving youth athletes an opportunity to participate in hockey at an affordable cost. We operate the FishHawk Roller Hockey League and Wes has been.... Read More

Coach Q moved to FL from PR 8 yrs. ago after waiting a year for an opening to teach on the island. Coach Q knew little to no English when he interviewed for a PE Teacher position just 4 days after arriving in FL. He was immediately hired and has been .... Read More

I submitted once before, but an error came up so I don’t know if submission went through.
I was asked to coach a youth hockey u12 team at FL. Hospital Center Ice, FHCI, when I was registering my son three years ago at the new ice rink, FHCI, .... Read More


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