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To the People’s Pub
At Irish 31 Pub & Eatery, we believe that every neighborhood deserves a local Irish pub that becomes an entire community’s home away from home. A warm, intimate, gathering place where the people are family, the food is familiar, and the guest’s voice is always heard. We are “The People’s Pub.”

Our Chef-Driven Menu
Known for the comforts of an Irish Pub with the refinement of a chef-driven menu, the Irish 31 experience is truly one that delights the senses. Irish classics like hearty Pie of the Shepherd and rich Chicken Pot Pie are lovingly elevated by professionally trained chefs, to achieve dishes reminiscent of home, but at the same time, distinctive and unforgettable.
Your Neighborhood Pub
Since 2011, when our very first Irish 31 opened its doors in beautiful Hyde Park Village, we have promised each and every community that we call home that not only would we give them the absolute best place to grab a bite, have a drink, share a laugh, and catch a game…we would also work tirelessly alongside them to enrich our community’s shared future.