Why Does This Bar

Have a Chef's Blog?

Why does this bar have a Chef’s Blog?
September 3, 2015 Irish31_wp
Traditionally, Irish Pubs have been known more for their frosty libations than their chef-inspired cuisine, but Irish 31 is not your traditional Irish Pub, and our menu is made up of far more than your everyday pub fare…
…When Irish 31’s founders first began imagining the perfect neighborhood pub, they knew that they wanted to take the traditional, and make it extraordinary. They aspired to redefine what people would eventually come to expect from an Irish Pub, and in their eyes, that started with the food. So, they hired a classically trained chef who spent months working to elevate traditional pub bites and comfort food favorites, until the food matched the atmosphere: comfortable yet elegant; refined yet familiar.
Ho-hum gameday fare was transformed by topping potato skins with lean corned beef, crisp sauerkraut, and creamy Swiss cheese. Comfort foods like the Classic Chicken Pot Pie became airy and elegant with a light, fluffy puff pastry in place of a more traditional pie crust, and decadent desserts like the familiar bread pudding achieved levels of grandeur with the delicate drizzle of a house made Baileys® Irish Cream Crème Anglaise. Slowly but surely, dish by dish, our Chef composed a symphony of recipes that now make up our Irish 31 menu, and it is with great pride that we set a new standard for Irish Pubs everywhere.
The story of the Irish Pub may have started in Ireland, but the story of Irish 31 begins and ends with the food, and this blog will share the stories behind the dishes that make us special, and the experiences within the pub that make us legendary.