What is a Boxty?
September 15, 2015 Irish31_wp
Aaaah, the Legendary Boxty…and we do mean Legendary! Originating in the north midlands of Ireland, in Connacht and Ulster, the Boxty was once nothing more than a traditional Irish potato cake designed out of necessity to help potatoes stretch farther during the Irish famine. Until, that is, Irish 31 came up with four versions of this ‘peasant dish’ that will make you wonder where these little potato balls have been all of your life.
The Legendary, or “Blank Canvas” Boxty, is made by rolling house-made mashed potatoes in a special breadcrumb mixture, lightly frying these little balls of goodness, and then baking them to a crispy comfort food favorite. As delightful as these unstuffed versions are, we knew that they had not yet reached their full potential…so we stuffed them with some of our favorite ingredients and Voila! They became Extraordinary!
1. The Ham n’ Cheese Boxty
Stuffed with delicious Black Forest ham and creamy Velveeta cheese, this Boxty transports you back to after-school snacks of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches…only scratch the bread.
2. The Corned Beef & Cabbage Boxty
Reminiscent of a Reuben, only engulfed by potatoes instead of Rye, this Boxty is stuffed with shredded corned beef and pickled cabbage.
3. The Loaded Boxty
Watch out loaded baked potato, you’ve got some serious competition here…Stuffed with creamy Velveeta cheese, crisp bacon bits, and freshly chopped chives, this Boxty is served with sour cream on the side just like its baked alter ego.
4. The Shepherd’s Pie Boxty (aka our personal favorite)
This Boxty is stuffed with our savory house-made Pie of the Shepherd filling- lean ground beef, fresh chopped root vegetables and peas – and then served alongside our rich onion gravy.
Yes, we love our Boxtys. A lot. And at the risk of being too bold, we may go so far as to modify this old Irish verse to show just how much:
Boxty on the griddle,
Boxty in the pan,
If you can’t make boxty,
If you can make a boxty,
You’ll never get a man.
You may not need a man.