Rori Gerstner

rori gerstner

Rori Gerstner

Our organization the Keystone Bills would like to nominate Rori Gerstner for this Public Service Award based on her passion and drive for athletics and her volunteer work with youth cheerleaders. At age 15 she has already coached youth girls for two seasons as well as competing as a competitive all star cheerleader, while participating in high school cheer and sports all in the same year. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in coaching and motivating young cheerleaders, as well as spending many selfless hours supporting our organization for fundraising projects for her teams. The young girls look up to her as a role model and being a coach has helped to mold her into an empathetic & compassionate young lady. As a youth cheer coach for our Varsity Cheerleaders, she will help these young ladies experience their first cheer competition in October.

Rori's high school coaches have also praised Rori for her drive to not give up. Last year she and she alone lead the girls weight lifting team. While all of the other girls quit the team, she did not let that stop her from representing the high school at competitions as a team of one. It would have been easier for her to give up and quit, instead she persisted and continued to lift. Her strength and dedication was highlighted by her High School as an example for other students to not give up no matter the obstacles.

She is appreciated by our leaders and youth and our hope is that you take the time appreciate her too!


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