Mary Rivera

mary rivera

Mary Rivera

It was my senior year when I first met Mrs. Rivera aka Coach. She was the brand new cross country coach. At first I was upset to accept a new coach on a team that I was a veteran. However, my outlook changed. She changed the entire culture of the team. She brought our small team of only 20 athletes, and nearly tripled that. She also inspired a family like atmosphere and made every athlete feel welcome, and motivated. She spends so much of her time assuring that every athlete is ready, and she pushes us to go past our limits.

She has also left her mark In the classroom. She goes above and beyond to assure that all students are on board, and she is extremely welcoming when ever students need someone to talk to. She always finds time for her students/athletes, even if it means sacrificing her own time. I remember nights after practice where she would stay forever just going over times, or just talking something out with a student/athlete. I also remember all the extra tutoring sessions, and workouts.

Personally, I feel like she has had the most influence on me. I had no clue what to do after high school and the feeling of panic rushed in quick. At the time I was a TA in Coaches class. Seeing her teach every day and being given the opportunity to help in the class inspired me. It set me down the path towards my career. Coach inspired me to become a teacher.

I hope that you will consider my Coach, and my inspiration for teaching for this award, because she truly deserves it.


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