Jasmine Ward

jasmine ward

Jasmine Ward

Jasmine is my granddaughter’s second grade teacher. Peyton is a very shy little girl who is very quiet and wants to do everything right. Jasmine has been able to instill confidence in Peyton and she now volunteers to answer in class. Peyton is a wonderful reader but is afraid of math. Jasmine is a gifted math teacher. Because of her teaching methods, Peyton is now excelling in math to the point where she teaches me math. As a volunteer in

Jasmine’s class, I have had the pleasure of watching her teach reading and writing. Her students are learning so much because of Jasmine’s teaching methods. Jasmine is also coach of students who participate in math bowls. She also works with relay for life. As a retired teacher, I see myself as a young teacher teaching again. Jasmine truly deserves this award.


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