Hillary Trupp

Hillary Trupp

Hillary Trupp is a fifth grade language arts teacher. She’s highly creative, innovative and caters as a public school educator to each student and his/her needs and learning style in order to reach and meet the criteria of personal, county, state scores as well as yearly goals and standards in the curriculum.

Hillary goes over and beyond her required job description. She’s worked tirelessly early mornings, after school, weekends, evenings, holidays and vacations. She’s dedicated and devoted to her career and every student she has the opportunity to teach, grow and learn.

Her passion for the education field, students, parents, fellow educators and the community goes over and beyond reproach. Hillary was nominated at the county, state, school and county PTA for teacher of the year. She’s highly respected at the highest capacity and has earned an exceptional reputation as a result of her consistent enthusiasm and energy she puts forth on a daily basis.

Her students are excited to come to school each day to meet her classroom expectations of doing their best work and being kind and helpful to one another. The children love to read and write and bring the same enthusiasm home to their parents.

Hillary Trupp is an exceptional teacher, role model and also an extraordinary mentor. She’s constantly discovering new, exciting and different lessons for her students for them to enjoy love of reading and writing.


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