Georgie Collins

Georgie Collins

The Cheers to Pub-lic Service Award should go to Georgie Collins. Ms. Collins has been one of the key players in all of the change that has been exacted here at Wharton High School. Georgie has proven to be an asset to Parents, Teachers and Students.

At Wharton High School we have such a large ESE population and though Georgie came with a lot of experience, she had no idea all of the change that she would have to implement and carry out. One aspect was the level of communication between the staff and parent. I have had several parents tell me how they “trust my child is taken care of because I know that if I need anything that I can always reach Ms. Collins”. The parents that I have worked with feel that Ms. Collins hears their concerns and carries them out to the letter.

Georgie has also presented herself as a wealth of knowledge and a resource to her teachers. Georgie has also been a wealth of knowledge to help us with procedures in the IEP process. She has created checklists and spreadsheets to help us streamline the procedures for giving students waivers, articulation for classes next year, and behavior systems.

Georgie has also assisted with numerous behavior plans and incentive programs to get our problem students to behave in and out of class. She has offered, lunch, snacks, and other items to students, who are ESE or Reg. Ed., to help them be more successful.

Ms. Collins is such an asset to any team, and It is an honor to work with her


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