Delaney Costello

Delaney Costello

Delaney graduated from FSU’s visual impairment education program. She now teaches and travels everyday for Hillsborough County. She sees up to 8 students a day all across the county. She dedicates her time and energy 110% to her students. There isn’t a moment that she isn’t glowing while she speaks of her students outside of the classroom. She goes above and beyond for these students.

Delaney is a dedicated public servant that listens, supports, and nurtures her students so they can become independent learners. She never lets redtape or funding issues down her spirit. Looking at the glass half full is her approach to every negative situation that may arise. After a few more years of teaching (and earning a stable income), she wants to go back to Florida State to get her master’s degree in occupational therapy. This would allow her to further her career goals and allow her to further engage her students.

She's the best person I've ever met. The world could use a lot more Delaney Costellos.


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