Anna Robertson

anna robertson

Anna Robertson

Angels are real. I know one personally. She walks on clouds in her assigned little section of Heaven, otherwise known to us mere mortals as the special education corridors of Davidsen Middle School. Her students, by no fault of their own, experience everyday life with such challenges. We take for granted our motor skills, our ability speak, to see, to hear, to process information, to even go to the bathroom. In my eyes, she’s a miracle worker, gifted with unparalleled patience and passion for what she does. With her help and guidance, she provides a foundation where these kids can function, and live practical lives.

She is so totally invested in these kids’ lives. Parents don’t hesitate to get her advice, at any hour. Regularly, she responds to parents inquiries, listens to their frustrations, and shares in their struggle to raise a severely disabled child. For her, school doesn’t end at the closing bell of 7th period.

Throughout her 12 year career as a special education teacher, she’s been in service to low income students at Title 1 and Renaissance schools. These previous students, disabled and even more marginalized, compounded by the lack of resources, still reach out and want to see their Ms. Robertson. Why? She helped guide them; she helped them dream. Her kids are allowed to have their ‘heads in the clouds,’ for that’s where they will find their angel, Ms. Robertson.


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