Andrea Simpson

andrea simpson

Andrea Simpson

Andrea teaches monthly guidance classes to every class in the school adjusting each to the grade level and needs she has assessed through her use of survey data and her daily observations and interactions with students. These lessons improve students’ social and emotional skills in their daily lives. She is truly preparing students for life.

Andrea saw a need with a number of our most difficult students and implemented a Mentor Program. She sought out teachers and members of the faculty who would be willing to make a connection with some of our behavior students and provided the mentors with training and resources so they would be able to effectively improve the lives of many of our students. In addition, for the last three years, she has led a 5th grade Girls Club. Andrea mentors these girls as well as encourages them and provides guidance to them to be leaders and to be the change they wish to see.

Last year Andrea saw an opportunity for our Title 1 school to become an official Leader In Me school. She worked tirelessly on a grant that would help our school to implement the Leader In Me program. She not only succeeded but has also lead us through the process!

Any member of the staff can go to her on their weariest of days after having students lose loved ones, witness traumatic events, bully others, exhibit anxiety, report abuse, and struggle with learning. She is an asset to both students AND staff!


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