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About Us

Most game-changing concepts once started with a very simple story and a very simple goal. We are no different. In 2011, we created Irish 31 to be the first Irish Pub that you can find in every city in America. For some reason, it hadn’t been done before, so one community at a time, we are bringing a passion for food, sports and community to a place near you.
If you are looking for a chef-inspired dish, we’ve got you covered. Somewhere that will have every game and every sports package on any one of dozens of TVs? Check. A place with amazing live entertainment that you can enjoy while conversing with your friends? Yep, that too. All in a meticulously planned, intimate space, with exquisite finishes, that prides itself on being the heartbeat of each community through its passion for philanthropy.
We have fast become known as the “The People’s Pub.” We didn’t label ourselves this, it was earned. Events such as “Be Our Board” allow our customers to taste our dishes, give us feedback, and have a say in what goes on our menu. If a beer that you love is not behind our bar, we do our absolute best to get it. If there is a cocktail that you are craving, we will make sure we can make it. Our customers ultimately steer the ship, which is why we fit so well in every community, and are rapidly embraced as “The People’s” neighborhood pub.
And what does the “31” mean? Glad you asked. Yes, 31 was the jersey number of our founder, Jay Mize, when he played football at University of South Florida. Given sports is such a big part of our concept, it was fitting to have something that represented sports in our name. But on a much deeper level, when putting the brand together in 2009, Jay learned that St. Patrick used the shamrock (a three-leafed clover) as a symbol to depict the Trinity, or the “3” parts to the “1” God known as The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Inspired, and wanting to pay tribute to the legacy of the one and only Saint Patrick, Jay knew that Irish 31 was the perfect name for this pub, and if we were lucky, the “31” would give our brand a little extra dose of good luck and blessing along the way.
The Irish 31 brand begins and ends with a passion for the community. Our guests are our family, our friends, our comrades…and we will never stop striving for excellence through exceptional food, legendary service, and a commitment to the highest of standards deserving of every person that walks through our doors. At Irish 31 we will never claim to be the biggest place, just the best, and we can’t wait for you to experience “The People’s Pub” for yourself.
At Irish 31 Pub House & Eatery, our mission is to use our pubs as a force for good while delivering exceptional value derived from legendary standards and continuously developing our people to create life changing opportunities for them, their families, and the communities we call home.
Learn more about what we like to call the “P.E.O.P.L.E” that makes our pubs so special by clicking on the short videos below.
Where it All
Best St. Patrick’s Day Party in the Bay
Ever since our flagship location opened in Hyde Park Village in 2011, Irish 31 Pub & Eatery has been throwing the Biggest and Best St. Patrick’s Day party in Tampa Bay! Check out photos and videos from previous years’ supercharged, beer-fueled, shamrock-shaking festivities, and make sure you find out what your Irish 31 location has planned for Paddyfest this year!

Meet Our
Legendary Team
At Irish 31, we believe that in order to be the best, we have to have a team made up of the best. We expect all of our team members to be able to turn a regular dining experience into a lasting memory, and to volunteer alongside us as we give back to our communities. Passion and legendary service are what we expect from our teams, and what we are proud to say that you can expect when you visit any one of our Irish 31 locations.
Would you like to join our team? Please Visit your local Irish 31 and fill out an application, or submit your resume online by Clicking Here. We would love to meet you!
Interested in corporate or management opportunities with Irish 31? Please email your resume and cover letter to careers@irish31.com.
To Our
communities we serve and the Irish 31 Team:
I'm genuinely blessed to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing team of people. It's a very humbling experience to see people, day in and day out, bust their tail to fulfill a vision that was scribbled on a napkin in 2009. We will only go as far as our staff's level of commitment, passion and desire. Based on that alone, I absolutely love our chances.
And to our guests and our communities we serve, thank you for embracing Irish 31 as a part of your circle. We aren't perfect, but we strive everyday to get closer to the legendary standard we set for our brand. When we fall short, thanks for picking us up. When we exceed, thanks for being our biggest fans.
From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my wife and our 4 kids, thank you for all that you do for Irish 31.
-Jay Mize
Giving Back
-Jackson in Action-
At Irish 31 we are never more proud than when we can work together to make a positive difference in our community. From fundraisers at the pub like this one with our friend Vincent Jackson of the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation, or off-site events for organizations like The Children’s Cancer Center and The Florida Aquarium, we never hesitate when presented with an opportunity to partner up with local charities and host great events that raise money for deserving non-profits.
Our Locations
With humble beginnings in Tampa Bay’s Hyde Park Village, and ambitious aspirations of becoming the first nationally recognized Irish Pub, we may already be in a community near you! Check out our locations below, and keep checking back if we have not yet made it to your neighborhood…we are working hard to be there soon!
Irish 31 is looking for qualified operators/franchisees to fulfill the goal of becoming the most recognizable Irish Pub in America. If you would like to join the Irish 31 family, have a passion for people, and think you have what it takes to uphold the integrity of the Irish 31 brand, please contact us by email at franchising@irish31.com, or, if you would prefer to speak to somebody directly, please call 813-918-3123.